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Are Konavle and Cavtat worth visiting?

Wondering if Konavle and Cavtat are hidden gems worth discovering? We’ve got the scoop on these charming Adriatic destinations. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just seeking a peaceful retreat, these two spots might just be your next favorite getaway.

Key Attractions in Konavle – Rural Charms

Konavle’s rustic landscapes and traditional villages are a breath of fresh air. Experience the authentic Croatian countryside away from the hustle and bustle.

  • Sokol grad
    Large defensive medieval castle. It’s located in the hills above the village of Dunave, close to the Croatian-Bosnian border. This imposing tower was open to visitors in 2013 after extensive restoration works. During the restoration, many historical artifacts were found onsite, some of them dating back to late Copper and early Bronze times.

    Sokol Grad
    Sokol Grad
  • Franciscan monastery of St. Blaise:
    The monastery was founded in 1429. after the region of Konavle became part of Dubrovnik Republic. Construction of the monastery lasted through the 15th century. The monastery is located below the Rector’s Palace, the seat of Dubrovnik’s Prince in this part of the Dubrovnik Republic. The church has been restored and consecrated in 1822.

    St. Blaise monastery in Pridvorje
    St. Blaise monastery in Pridvorje
  • Folklore Heritage:
    Immerse yourself in Konavle’s rich folklore. From traditional costumes to lively dances, it’s a cultural journey that paints a vivid picture of local traditions. Specialty of the area and Konavle people is in distinctive traditional costumes and embroidery. The best way to experience the traditions of Konavle is to visit Sunday morning folklore performances in Čilipi.The Konavle traditional costumes, especially the women’s costumes, in a special way embody the centuries-old culture of living of the local population because of its beauty, elegance and aesthetics, and down to the present day it is perhaps the most beautiful representative of the Croatian folklore treasure.

    Konavle folk dances
    Konavle folk dances
  • Konavle Valley:
    a popular day-trip destination for those who want to escape the tourist-oriented resorts of the Dalmatian coast and get a feel for rural life in Croatia. A popular starting point for tours and the largest settlement in the valley is Cavtat, a seaside resort packed with historical attractions.Many tours of Konavle Valley focus on traditional Croatian culture and make stops at small villages such as Čilipi, where visitors can observe traditional dances and folk music performances and learn about local crafts, such as embroidery. More-active travelers may want to take part in a hiking tour of the valley, perhaps ascending Sniježnica mountain, while hungry travelers will enjoy wine-and-food tours, which usually include tasting sessions at Konavle Valley wineries.
  • Below you can find 3 of our favorite wineries in the area
  1. Dubrovacki podrumi
    The Gruda Winery was a technologically up-to-date establishment when founded back in 1963 with a capacity of 250 wagons; re- modernized and refurbished on several occasions, it has reached its present capacity of 750 wagons. Some 157 hectares of net vineyards have been raised in the Konavle Valley. After being devastated and burnt, just like the rest of the area, in the Homeland War in 1990s, the company found the strength to revitalize and revive the destroyed vineyards, and in 2002, as a part of Gruda Winery, state of the art technology for stabilization, filtering and bottling (2000 bottles per hour) is being implemented.
  2. Bratos winery
    The Bratoš family has been present in Konavle for more than 500 years, the southernmost part of Croatia, and in the last century they have been engaged in trade, while viticulture was intended for the production of wine for their own needs.The winery located in Gruda, a place about 30 kilometers from Dubrovnik, produces just over 15,000 bottles a year.
  3. Crvik
    Crvik family has lived in Konavle since 1500. The family has been growing vines for several centuries, but wine production for a little over 100 years – more precisely since 1897, when the first generation of winemakers of the family built their wine cellar. The winery is located in Konavle, a green oasis not far from Dubrovnik, in the picturesque village of Komaji located in a forest on the hills between Konavle field on one side and the sea on the other.

    Crvik Vineyard Komaji
    Crvik Vineyard Komaji

Key Attractions in Cavtat

Seaside Bliss:  Cavtat’s coastline is a dreamy escape. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, indulge in local seafood, and soak in the Adriatic views.

Cavtat promenade

Here are couple of attractions that are must do while in Cavtat:

  • Vlaho Bukovac birth house
    Born and raised in Cavtat, Vlaho Bukovac (1855–1922) is a noted painter known for his nude painting called A Flower. Part of the symbolism art movement, Bukovac expressed abstract ideas in his works of art. Today, the house in Cavtat where he was born houses a museum dedicated to his work.
  • Racic Mausoleum
    The Mausoleum of the Račić family (Our Lady of Angels) is the work of the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, built in 1922. It is located in the Saint Rocco Cemetery, on the highest point of the Rat Peninsula, above the urban centre of Cavtat. It can be approached from the southern side following the street near the Our Lady of Snow Franciscan Monastery, or continuing along Prijeko Street from the east. It’s a serene spot offering a perfect blend of nature and culture.

    Racic mausoleum Cavtat
    Racic mausoleum Cavtat
  • Our Lady Of The Snow
    The church was built back in the 15th Century and is known for its beautiful architecture. Located at the Cavtat harbor, towards the North, the church stands at the foot of a hill. The church is known for the treasures it holds, like the triptych by artist Vicko Lovrin that was created in the 16th century and is still visited by most worshipers. The church is also known for the city’s most popular religious gathering, the Festival of Our Lady of the Snows, which takes place on the 5th of August each year.
  • Charming Old Town
    This coastal town enchants with a beautiful old town, where lovely places, such as historic town palaces, churches and museums are located. However, a real highlight are the wonderful beaches and idyllic bays, which are not far from the center. Also unique is the romantic harbor with the lively waterfront promenade. It connects the town center with the numerous restaurants, cafés and stores with the picturesque bays. The area around Cavtat is stunning and also offers plenty of attractions worth seeing.

    Cavtat St. Nicholas church
    Cavtat St. Nicholas church

In the heart of the Adriatic, Konavle and Cavtat beckon with their distinctive allure. Each offers a different flavor of Croatian hospitality, making them worth a visit. Whether you’re planning a cultural escapade or a seaside retreat, these destinations won’t disappoint. We offer Dubrovnik, Panorama & Cavtat 5 hours tour and Dubrovnik, Panorama, Cavtat & Konavle countryside 7 hours tour to out guests.

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